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Starting a clothing brand or launching a product?

All you need is an idea.

No industry connections required.

Make all the right connections on Sewport – a global platform helping you turn ideas into products.

Step 1

1. Start by signing up as a brand

Our sign up process is super simple and will only require very basic information from you. Once logged in, the next step is to create your first enquiry to get proposals from manufacturers.

Step 1

2. Create your first enquiry

Our question guided enquiry form allows you to provide basic yet very important information about your project and what services you need. Sewport will use this information to notify the most fitting candidates and filter out the best results.

Step 1

3. Publish your enquiry to receive proposals

Once public, your enquiry will attract specialists and manufacturers who will contact you and offer their services, applying for your business. By creating an enquiry just once, you will receive multiple offers for companies all over the world.

Step 1

4. Select the best candidate

Discuss your project in more detail. Consider their level of communication, their profile and portfolio, location and price among other factors to choose the best supplier for you.

Step 1

5. Ask for a formal proposal

Once you have selected the best candidates for the job, discuss the payment terms, delivery terms and your contract terms and put this all into an offer.

Step 1

6. Pay Securely via Escrow

Sewport offers a secure payment account between you and your supplier. After you complete your payment for the proposal, a percentage is paid to the manufacturer immediately, leaving the second part on hold until the job is completed in full.

We get you the right type of leads by showcasing your specialities and show up in search for the compatible queries

Escrow payment account

Where once your payment is received in full, a part is paid out to the manufacturer right away.

Fast payment terms

Your payment terms can be anything from 70% upfront and 30% upon completion all the way up to 100% after completion.

All payments are encrypted and secure

We make sure your payment data or card data is not shared with any of your suppliers. All transactions are encrypted and secure.

Not the middleman - we are the bridge

While many other clothing manufacturer websites are just factory brokers or middlemen, with Sewport, you can connect with all our factory partners directly.

We have companies that engage at any stage

Whether you’re starting with just an idea, a sketch, or a pattern, there are companies ready for you at every stage of manufacturing to create what you need most cost effectively!

Factories for every price range and quantity

As you select the best offers and quotes, this approach ensures you always get the most highly competitive offers. Pricing is based on order quantity, factory location and quality so that even small clothing runs can get manufactured. A flexible approach for any of your garment production needs

Now that you know how this works and what to expect, start your first project and create an enquiry.